Reiraku Chapter 1

Hi guys! This is our first time working on a non-shoujo manga, so I’m super excited to present Reiraku by Asano Inio, also known as the mangaka of Oyasumi Punpun. This is the result of a lot of hard work put in by A-list scanlators (you know who you are), so I sincerely hope you guys enjoy this scanlation. Note that this is a seinen work and thus contains a couple of NSFW scenes as well as mature themes which may not be of interest to younger readers: yours truly, your neighborhood-friendly PSA ^^









Reiraku Chapter 1:

Batoto | Reader | Download



  1. You don’t have an idea of the happinness this brings to me – and maybe you shouldn’t LOL. This looks very promising, many thanks.

    • He’s one of my favorite mangaka, so I totally understand. Thank you for following our release. Chapter 2 coming out really soon!

  2. I’ve very excited about this manga. Thank you for translating the first chapter! I look forward to future ones. 🙂

  3. Hi guys !

    Thanks for picking up this serie !

    I don’t wanna look like I’m pressing you but I’m kinda curious about the chapter 2, it was released a couple days ago

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