Reiraku Ch 6

We’re releasing a new chapter of Reiraku.  This chapter delved into the mind of our protagonist, with lots of narration. To understand his struggle, his desperation and the reason why he feels so spent as a person. While the other chapters felt like a sort of build up, being introduced into his world, it was clear the character refused to acknowledge the problems in his life. Like being in denial, he seeked distractions with these call girls. Now he’s on his own, taking a good hard look at himself. I love Asano’s works best when his characters self reflect on themselves. It feels so realistic and relatable to a reader. Let’s see how much this character has left on his journey in the coming up chapters. Only two chapters left!

Chapter 6
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  1. “Only two chapters left!” ;_;
    Thanks as always for bringing us new Reiraku chapters in high quality and fast, you guys are great!

  2. God damn, I hate Tomida so much! The first time when she threatened to sue him, I kinda felt for her, because she had to turn that offer down and Fukazawa fired her so suddenly. But now she’s coming to him just to start talking sh*t! Didn’t expect Fukazawa to snap like that, normally he’s so stoic. Seems like he’s really losing it and while the last page might allude, that his ex and him might become a couple again, I doubt it. Also I felt really bad for him when Chifuyu didn’t replied to his message and he’s thinking about how she probably got another rich guy, who she’s showering with affection now. I kinda feel horrible now, damn you Asano.

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