Reiraku Ch 1 & 2

Hello everybody, sorry for the wait! Here is version 2 of our initial chapter 1 release, and fresh off the press chapter 2! There were some minor errors that we took the chance to fix up for ch 1. Thanks to Gateau for joining our team and helping us release such a great chapter from our lord and savior Asano. Huge thanks to the dedicated team for Reiraku, your determination and speed astonishes me. There is genuine passion for this project and it makes me so happy. Also can’t forget to thank Habanero for providing raws, without you we wouldn’t have been able to work on this project in the first place. Last but not least, thank you to our readers. We know you’re antsy for chapters. Just keep in mind that we’re trying to release the best possible scanlation so please have some patience. Love ya <3 Enjoy these goodies.








Chapter 1 & 2:
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  1. I still don’t know what to make of Oshimi’s relationship with Asano, I found that first dossier hilarious… many thanks.

    • I know right? It made me laugh because it looked like some shounen manga faceoff. Edgelord mangaka compete to take the throne. Also can we talk about how savage Asano is? LOL

  2. Hi guys !

    I’m from “Fruit Scans” we’re a spanish scanlator and I wanna tell you that we’re gonna use your version for english to spanish translation, your credit pages are gonna be on our uploads, I hope you don’t have problems with it.

    Thanks for bringing us Reiraku !

    • I saw you were using our credit pages. Many thanks and glad we could share the love. Thanks for making it possible for people to experience Reiraku in another language :3

  3. Hi guys, thanks for the hard work and bringing another work of Inio Assano. btw do you guys keep a clean version of the cover, I wanna use it as my wallpaper, thanks in advance.

  4. Hi, couldn’t find a contact, but I’m a big fan of sweets, so if you need someone on your team for proofreading or translating Japanese (looks like you’re ok on both fronts though), I’d love to join =3

  5. Many, many thanks for bringing us Reiraku!
    Normally, I only read finished manga, because the waiting time on ongoing manga is too hard to bear. But I just couldn’t resist this time and read the first two chapters several times, I feel like this is going to be great.
    Keep up the good work!

  6. Hi, random beggar here. Can you please pick up 青春のアフター by 緑のルーペ
    Here’s some links to the raws if you’re feeling nice.

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